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Garage Door Repair in Windsor, CT

When your garage door breaks, Garage Door Repair Windsor, CT has the technicians to get it up and running again. Our technicians were quickly and efficiently. All of our garage door repairs are made with quality products made by manufacturers that you trust. 

Reputable Garage Door Repair Services

While a broken garage door can easily become frustrating, we make it our goal to alleviate as much of the stress as possible. Our staff understands the urgency of your situation and will work hard to have your door repaired immediately. You can expect service from professional technicians that are both experienced and skilled. 

We can send a technician out whenever is convenient for you. We aim to accommodate our customers. Once they arrive at your location, your technician will conduct a thorough inspection in order to properly identify the problem. Many of the repairs and replacements that they make most often are:

  • Door panels - we will replace the broken ones
  • Cables - when they break, we will replace them
  • Springs - they may need to be adjusted, lubricated, or replaced; we service both extension and torsion springs
  • Sensors - we will clean them and can replace them, if necessary
  • Tracks - we will realign tracks, if possible; we will replace dent or broken ones
  • Rollers - they may need to be lubricated or replaced
  • Remotes - we will replace your lost remote
  • Plus more!

We guarantee reliable service from friendly representatives. We strive to meet your satisfaction. 

Our Product Manufacturers

We know that the quality of the parts that we use for our maintenance, repairs, and installation services matters. All of our products come from manufacturers that have built solid reputations based on trust and dependability. We only use parts that we can count one. 

Emergency Release Cord - What Is It? 

Electronically operated garage doors are wonderful things and have greatly improved over the years, but do you know how you would work your door if you did not have electricity? If your power goes out for an extended period of time, you may need another exit strategy. This is what the emergency release cord is for. 

It is normally red, and you will probably find it hanging from the trolley of your garage door. To use it, make sure your door is closed, and pull the cord down and away from the door. This movement causes the trolley to disconnect from the opener carriage. You should now be able to open and close your door by hand. 

When you are ready to return to electrical operation, close your garage door, and pull your cord down and towards the door. The trolley should then reattach itself to the opener carriage. As a safety precaution, you should never pull the emergency release cord when your garage door is open. The door could fall, causing injury or damage. If your door is ever stuck in the open position, call for garage door services immediately. 

Call For Repairs

For repairs from technicians that care, call Garage Door Repair Windsor, CT. We are here to help. Call our office today!


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